Fears or phobias

People who have phobias tend to feel very nervous and panicky about one thing in particular. The thing that you might be anxious about may not be troublesome to anyone else but can make you feel really nervous or panicky. Most people know that their fear or phobia is irrational, but feel powerless to change how they react to it.

People can have a fear or phobia of just about anything. Some of the more common ones include flying, spiders or insects, needles, heights, open or confined spaces, snakes and the dark to name a few.

Hypnotherapy is highly effective at treating almost all phobias and fears. I can normally help you overcome specific fears and phobias in 4 sessions.

The first session is the initial consultation, during this free session I explain how the brain works and how we can create our fears or phobias.

The second session is a relaxation session where you can experience relaxing and soothing trance. In this session I will also explain to you what will happen in the third session.

This session starts with a bit of revision and then quickly moves onto the rewind technique. This technique is highly effective at removing the template in your mind that holds the phobia or fear.

The fourth and final session is called the re-frame where we start with some revision from the previous sessions. We then do some more trance work and get you to a place where you are free of any anxiety regarding your specific phobia or fear. When you leave, you will be positive, ready to move forward and free from your phobia or fear reaction.