I have lived with my phobia of buttons and jewellery for over 40 years and thought I would live with it forever until I met Gary who assured me I didn’t have to. After our first meeting, he made me feel at ease and very relaxed and comfortable. Gary was easy to talk to and I felt I could trust him, although I was still sceptical that I would be cured of my phobia. I left my first session feeling so relaxed. I was on cloud 9. Four sessions later I am totally cured and life is so much simpler without living in fear of coming into contact with a button! I can’t believe how ridiculous this sounds now. You had total faith in me as I now have in you. Thank you so much!

S J, Plymouth, Devon

I had been a smoker since I was 14 and I have been trying to give up for a while, trying all different techniques, from E-cigs to patches but it all failed each time. I heard that Hypnosis worked, as long as you really wanted to give up, so I contacted Gary. I told him that I had been trying to give up for a while but to no avail, what my fears were about being around people who smoked and also about replacing cigarettes with cakes and sweets Etc. But he assured me that really wouldn’t happen. He talked me through how long the one-off session would take, what he would be talking about and how it would work. He made me feel completely comfortable, trusting and at ease with the whole session. So, I booked. It’s now been 4 months since my last cigarette. I’ve not had one craving. I can be around people who smoke and I have not replaced smoking with cakes and sweets. I have also started an exercise routine, which I have never done before. I am feeling fantastic and healthy, which other people have noticed in my face. Apparently, I look ten years younger. I can say…..”I AM A NON SMOKER”. So, if you have been trying to give up smoking and have been failing, contact Gary. I am proof that it really works.

Sue B, Plymouth Devon

I contacted Gary after seeing one of his flyers in my doctor’s waiting room. Gary phoned me and I agreed to go along for the initial consultation. Gary made me feel welcome and at ease and explained to me why I was suffering with the anxiety issues that had troubled me for several years. I agreed to try hypnotherapy although I was sceptical. I have to say though that even after my first session I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders and I looked forward to my next sessions with a growing interest. Over the next few weeks my sleep improved dramatically and I actually began to enjoy things in my life. I saw Gary a total of 12 times and cannot recommend him enough. I really have turned my life around with Gary’s help. I am more active, more sociable, more energetic and more focused than I can ever remember being in my whole life. Gary, I cannot thank you enough.

Mrs H, Plympton, Devon

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